The Georgina Historical Society, as a not-for-profit organization, collects, preserves, promotes and interprets the rich history and heritage of all communities now known as the Town of Georgina.

Shingling is completed on the roofs of both the Mann House and the Noble House. The construction of a new porch/deck on the Mann house is almost complete, and a few columns have been added.    The Town of Georgina Roads Department is scheduled to begin digging out a ditch in November to help with water drainage issues in the village and surrounding areas.

Interior paneling in the caboose has been removed and disposed of, and the wall framing is now exposed.  A five-page information package has been created and distributed entitled “A Caboose in Need of Restoration” complete with photos of the exterior and interior of the caboose, its history, the steps required to restore the caboose, and an appeal for donations and community sponsors to help us achieve this goal. Charitable receipts will be given for any contributions to this restoration fundraiser.