The Georgina Historical Society, as a not-for-profit organization, collects, preserves, promotes and interprets the rich history and heritage of all communities now known as the Town of Georgina.

History of Georgina Historical Society

The history of the Georgina Historical Society and the Georgina Pioneer Village and Archives have been closely linked. A local woman named Nena Marsden identified the need for an historic site in this community in 1968, forming the Lake Simcoe South Shore Historical Society; this group later changed their name to the Georgina Historical Society in 1974. If you want to read about the people who were present at the first meeting of the Georgina Historical Society, you can read the minutes of the first meeting here.

In order to raise money to purchase artifacts and historical buildings, a number of fundraising campaigns were mounted by the society. In 1975, they managed to raise enough money to purchase its first two buildings – the Smallwood Log Cabin and the Baldwin Free Methodist Church. After petitioning the town to give them land on which to place these buildings, the municipal government decided to set aside 10 acres of land for the historical society to use as a community museum. After this bylaw was enacted, a local First Nations chief named Lorenzo Big Canoe officially opened the Georgina Pioneer Village & Archives to the public in Thanksgiving of 1975.
Over the years, the Georgina Pioneer Village grew in size. This was due to the efforts of the Georgina Historical Society, who were instrumental in moving of all of the buildings that currently populate the property of the Pioneer Village. These buildings include: a general store, a blacksmith shop, a barn, a train station, a one-room schoolhouse, a doctor’s house, a middle-class dwelling, and, lastly, a reproduction trapper’s cabin. One more log cabin is in the process of being built, and another log cabin is due to be moved there in the near future. Since there are so many buildings on the Pioneer Village property, objects that were collected by members of the Georgina Historical Society over a fifty- year period now furnish each of the houses on the property of the Georgina Pioneer Village & Archives.


New Meeting Venue

Hooray!  The schoolhouse has finally been approved for use.  We have been advised by the Town that we may hold our January ‘Bring and Brag’ meeting there.  Melissa Matt advises that she should have the requisite furnishings in place and ready for use.  Come early to...

We Need Your Help!

Our picture in the GHS calendar for the month of March, the last images of this building in our newsletter showed its demolition.  We are happy to announce that the adaptive reconstruction is almost complete and that the new schoolhouse is expected to be open to the...

GHS 2021 Calendar Sells Out!

The Georgina Historical Society in following its mandate to preserve, protect and promote history has undertaken to restore and refurbish the old 1912 CN caboose that has set neglected at the Pioneer Village for over 25 years. To help provide funds for this project...


Newsletter #2, Volume 6, February 2023

President's WelcomeAs we work our way through this dreary winter, it’s encouraging to note that April is only two months away. Starting off the new year we had a great January general meeting, with many interesting items showing up for our “Bring and Brag.” The...

Newsletter #1, Volume 6, January 2023

President's WelcomeWelcome to 2023. Another year is behind us and the pages of the calendar are flipping over, just like in the movies. Georgina’s fascinating history is still being discovered and explored, but we mustn’t forget that history is being made every day....

Newsletter #11, Volume 5, December 2022

President's WelcomeWelcome to the December newsletter of the Georgina Historical Society. I want to thank you for your support, and as your new GHS President, I hope that I can continue to move the Society forward. The last two and a half years of COVID have been very...

Furthermore, the Georgina Historical Society has been instrumental in the management and operation of the Georgina Pioneer Village & Archives. We still maintain a close partnership with the Town of Georgina, who currently maintains the Village on a day-to-day basis. We also participate in historical events of all kinds around Georgina, such as at Festival on High and the Sutton Fair and Horse Show. We also strive to educate the public through our general meetings, held on a monthly basis, in the sharing and dissemination of topics of historical interest relating to the communities that make up the Township of Georgina. Most recently, we have been engaged in drawing public awareness of the need to preserve many aspects of our local heritage, such as cemeteries, heritage houses, and other topics of historic interest. One of our other projects at the present time is to raise money to restore an old railway caboose, which resides onsite at the Georgina Pioneer Village & Archives.

Finally, we recognize that we would not be where we are today without the heroic efforts of Nena Marsden to establish the society in the first place. Sadly, she passed away recently at the age of 92 years. A stone commemorating Nena Marsden, in honor of the founder of the Georgina Historical Society, was laid in the village in the front gardens of the Noble House after her passing in 2018. Additionally, the Georgina Historical Society gives out a bursary on an annual basis, named after her as the “Nena Marsden Memorial Bursary”; this $500 bursary is given to a graduating high school student pursuing a post-secondary education who has demonstrated critical thinking skills by writing an essay on a topic set by the Georgina Historical Society.
Lastly, we would encourage anyone with an interest in history to contribute to the Georgina Historical Society’s newsletter, thereby adding to the body of local knowledge about the history of Georgina