The Georgina Historical Society, as a not-for-profit organization, collects, preserves, promotes and interprets the rich history and heritage of all communities now known as the Town of Georgina.

The Town of Georgina is working on an application for the Museum Assistance Program Grant with some help from the corporate sector to complete the application.  The grant could provide funding up to 30 per cent of the Museum Operating Budget and they are hopeful that the Pioneer Village will qualify.

Two of our summer students continue working as part-timers on the designs for the promotional panels and pamphlets for the Georgina Pioneer Village.  They’ve also designed a user-friendly map to guide visitors to the various attractions in the Village.  We have received permission from the Town of Georgina to add the new map of the village on the Pioneer Village page website.  Check it out at

The contractor bidding for the rebuilding and restoration of the Schoolhouse has been asked to review and possibly revise his most recent quote as it is appreciably higher than the one previously submitted. It was suggested that perhaps there were items in the quote that could be deferred for another year so that construction can finally commence. It is really important to get this work underway.

Shingling is completed on the Mann House and the work at Noble House is currently under way. Recent wet weather has caused some delays.  The Mann house is to be painted and a new porch built. Rich, the new handyman at the Village, will continue his employment until the end of November.  A Drainage Study for the Village and the Civic Centre grounds is scheduled to begin in November.  Flooding has been a serious issue for a number of years.  Your Board hopes this is a positive first step towards resolving this problem.  Reroofing the caboose has been completed and the interior of the caboose is now protected from further damage.  We will send an email to the Town of Georgina enquiring about arrangements for members allowing painting of the Caboose’s exterior.

We Need Your Help!

Our picture in the GHS calendar for the month of March, the last images of this building in our newsletter showed its demolition.  We are happy to announce that the adaptive reconstruction is almost complete and that the new schoolhouse is expected to be open to the public once the Georgina Pioneer Village resumes operations again this June.  What is wanted for the opening is images of its interior back in the day (if possible) and class pictures (there’s only six in the archives and they’re either poor quality or copies).  Also, a bit more historical information on the schoolhouse would be nice.  If you can help us, please contact Melissa Matt at the Village (905-476-4301 ext. 2284), Tom Glover, or Bob Holden.